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Flight Ready Hemp Oil

Flight Ready Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is enjoyed by people all around the world. However, in some areas, Hemp Oil is still a banned or controlled substance. And, even if Hemp Oil is legal in your country, you may face challenges if you try to fly out of the country with your Hemp Oil. 

Recently, it became legal to fly with Hemp Oil in the US. However, in other countries, that may not be the case. Hemp Oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound found in varieties of the cannabis plant, both hemp, and marijuana; although Hemp Oil that’s legal in the United States contains less than 0.3% THC concentrations, which means it won’t cause a psychoactive reaction, many countries still consider this compound a controlled substance. 

Still, many Hemp Oil fans want to fly with their products because of their potential to ease symptoms of anxiety, among other problems. Some people who get anxious while on a plane may wish to take a dose while flying, hoping to minimize their distress. But before slipping your Hemp Oil into a carry-on bag, or even in your checked luggage, it’s crucial to read up on all the regulations. That’s the best and easiest way to stay on the right side of the law when flying with Hemp Oil. So, can you bring Hemp Oil on a plane? Let’s take a deeper look at the factors to consider before flying with Hemp Oil.


What Does the TSA Say About Flying With Hemp Oil?

For years, the TSA banned traveling with any form of cannabis product. Recently, however, they updated the information on their website, making it clear that you can now travel with Hemp Oil and hemp-derived, FDA approved medication. In short, products that are FDA approved or contain hemp-derived Hemp Oil are generally legal in the United States, so passengers can legally carry these items on their flights. 

Why the sudden change? The TSA update was a result of the FDA approving a drug, called Epidiolex, that contains Hemp Oil. (Epidiolex is an effective treatment for seizures in children with epilepsy.) Basically, when traveling within the United States, you can fly with your Hemp Oil, as long as the product you have is produced within the regulations set out by TSA. 

But, keep in mind: your Hemp Oil should have less than 0.3% concentrations of THC, which is the cannabinoid responsible for the high sensation you experience after using marijuana. This is the legal threshold for Hemp Oil in this country because THC concentrations below that level will not produce any psychoactive effects. It’s also important to note that only hemp-derived Hemp Oil is legally permissible in the U.S. So you should not attempt to fly with Hemp Oil derived from a marijuana strain of the cannabis plant. 


What Happens if You Want to Travel With Hemp Oil to Other Countries?

Since the international rules and regulations on Hemp Oil are unclear and vary by region, the best thing to do is to research Hemp Oil laws of Hemp Oil in your destination country (as well as the laws in any planned stopovers). Even if Hemp Oil is legal in the country where you’re heading, however,  most professionals advise against carrying Hemp Oil infused products on a plane, especially if the country you are traveling to has stricter drug laws. You don’t want to get into trouble in a new country, it’s not recommend to travel with Hemp Oil outside of the USA.

Things to Look for When Buying Hemp Oil for Travel

When you are purchasing Hemp Oil for travel, you need to be cautious. Remember, you have to purchase an approved product that meets all federal guidelines. When choosing the Hemp Oil, one good strategy to use is the FLOW acronym, which helps you choose Hemp Oil that is of high quality. First, check whether the Hemp Oil has flowering strains of hemp or cannabis. (Merlot, Berry Blossom, Cherry Wine, Crawford White, Titan, T2 and several other quality strains) Next, confirm whether the product has undergone lab testing for potency and purity. (Ask for a Certificate of Analysis or COA)  Also, confirm that the product is organic. (The chain of custody from farm to you will be able to provide you with a USDA Certification) If your product has met all the above requirements, it is considered safe for use. Another good rule of thumb when buying Hemp Oil? Examine the Hemp Oil extraction process that was used to derive the oil. While there are various modes of extraction.

Alternatives to Bringing Hemp Oil on Plane

If you are still concerned about flying with your Hemp Oil products, here are some lower-risk alternatives for you: First, you can take a Hemp Oil capsule, tincture, or any other edible before your flight. This is a great option because you won’t have to go through the airport checkpoints with your product, but you will still enjoy the desired effects for most if not all of your travel experience. It could also be fun to discover a new Hemp Oil supplier in your point of destination. Or, as we suggested earlier, purchase your Hemp Oil from an online Hemp Oil store, and have your product shipped to your ultimate destination, providing it is legally regulated in the country of your final destination.

Benefits of having Hemp Oil on the Plane - USA Only

Potential Anxiety Relief

One of the main reasons people bring Hemp Oil while traveling is because they feel like doses make it less nerve-wracking to fly. It’s just a fact: some people get anxious when they travel. Taking CBD may help you cope with those anxious feelings during your travel hours. And it’s a safer option than drinking alcohol while you travel since drinking on a plane can speed up your dehydration and potentially alter your behavior. Even if you do not have aviophobia (fear of flying), tasks such as getting through the security lines may exacerbate your stress levels and cause anxiety, and many people report that Hemp Oil may help cope with these symptoms. 

Using Hemp Oil to Manage Other Flying Woes

Airplane travel can also take a toll on other elements of your health. The air in the airplane can hurt your skin. The humidity levels in an airplane cabin tend to be lower than normal, so your skin may dry out and even produce excessive oil to combat that dryness. This is why when you fly, especially at extremely high altitudes, you may land with a new acne breakout, a puffy face, and dry skin. Here’s where a CBD lotion may help: research suggests that cannabinoids can affect acne breakouts and inflammation, while the hydrating lotion can target dry skin conditions. 

Additionally, long and international flights can trigger jet lag, especially if you are not well-rested prior to your travel. Here again, Hemp Oil may be a useful item to pack in your suitcase, since many people report improved sleep after using Hemp Oil. 

Pack Smart

When traveling by air, you need to be more cautious, especially when you plan to carry Hemp Oil in your carry on or checked luggage. First, pack wisely so that your Hemp Oil is easily accessible should airport authorities ask to see them. Make sure to bring your certificate of analysis, and have it readily available, as proof that your Hemp Oil is within the legal federal limits. 

Also, if you’re traveling with a liquid form of Hemp Oil, like a tincture, pack it in shatter-resistant travel bags, and make sure your volumes don’t exceed federal limits for onboard liquid travel sizes. 

Hemp Oil For Pets

Flying is a very stressful experience for animals because their movement is restricted and they are in an unfamiliar environment. Recently, the Humane Society suggested that giving your pets a dose of Hemp Oil when traveling could help them cope with the stress of air pressure changes, rough handling, and other stressful situations. Just be sure to discuss any new supplements with your veterinarian before providing any Hemp Oil to your pet.

In Summary

Hemp Oil may help humans and animals cope with stressful air travel. But facing legal challenges would be even more stressful. So, before you fly with Hemp Oil, do your research and make sure you follow all legal guidelines in your point of origin and at your final destination.  Always be flight ready with your hemp oil choices.