Benefits of Hemp Oil & Cycling

Mental Focus

It’s important to stay in the moment while you’re on the road—whether pulling off a tight turn, or putting in a long ride on a Sunday afternoon. But sometimes your mind is elsewhere, or certain symptoms keep flaring up while you’re trying to play. Hemp oil has the potential to relax you and increase your focus.  It does this by easing stress and promoting concentration so you can focus on your cycling.

Pain / Inflammation

Many cyclists suffer from arthritic inflammation, leg pain or neck pain. If you’re impacted by any of these, you’ve probably returned home from a ride full of aches and pains. Consider using hemp oil creams, which may help localized pain through their anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp oil can also help your body regulate some of the responses that cause things like pain and inflammation, which may result in a faster post-cycle recovery.


For most cyclists, even if you wear a glove and comfortable shoes, you’ve probably experienced calluses on your hands or feet. These can really hurt and sometimes make it difficult for you to play again in the near future. Rubbing a hemp oil topical on the area can relieve pain and help treat dry skin. Using it may make your skin clear up faster and allow you to hit the road again sooner than later.