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🚚 Free Shipping on all orders over $50! 💸💸💸

Hemp Oil & Aloe Hand Sanitizing Gel (70%)

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Hand Sanitizer Gel 

Advance Protection

Get to feeling fresh and clean with a bottle of our Hand Sanitizer, perfect for travel and everyday use. Grab a bottle for at home and in your car so you can keep clean from germs everywhere you go. Kills over 99% of most illness-causing germs. Don’t leave home without it!


Our manufacturing facility is registered and licensed by the US Food & Drug Administration as a manufacturer of liquid-filled health, personal care, beauty and cleaning OEM products, and it meets cGMP requirements set out by Health Canada and the FDA.

We are certified by the Canadian Board of Health and have full Health Department accreditation for product export. Our industrial alcohol permitsenable us to produce products of any alcohol percentage.

The formulations used for our Hand Sanitizer products is as good as it gets. We don’t believe in cutting corners or quality, which affects performance.

Starting with the primary active ingredient, most companies have opted to use the lesser quality ethanol, we only use Isopropyl Alcohol, the same as hospitals use. And our alcohol is USP grade, the very best grade available.

Active ingredients are also highest grade possible; USP grade Glycerin and USP grade water (Reverse Osmosis then Deionized).

PLEASE NOTE: This product does contain Hemp Oil